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Compare Different Area Rug Styles Before You Shop

When looking for a new area rug, sometimes it’s not enough to simply browse in the showroom. When you bring a rug home, you may start to notice subtle variations in appearance and style that look different in outside of the setting & lighting of the showroom.

That’s why we created our online flooring inspiration galleries. Browse full room scenes to see how many of the area rugs we offer here in the Lockwood’s Carpets Gloucester, VA showroom and online in our Rugs.Shop look alongside room furnishings of different styles & colors. This approach will give you a better idea of how these rugs might look in your own home.

During these challenging times, the ability to shop safely and on your own terms is more important than ever. For this reason, we are spreading the word about our online-exclusive Rugs.Shop, which offers hundreds of thousands of different area rug styles that you can sort by color, pattern, size & more. Each rug in our online store is available to ship directly to your door, free of charge.

Get inspired by the beauty of our area rug gallery, then contact us to get started on your own project.