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The carpet installation process

At Lockwood’s Carpets, we know from experience that carpet installation is hard work and that there are many tools and supplies needed that the average DIY enthusiast may not have access to. Therefore, we generally recommend hiring a professional installer to make sure your carpet looks the way you want and lasts as long as you expect it to. Our qualified carpet installers have the experience it takes to do the job right the first time and the tools required to move quickly and handle any unexpected situations.

Preparation is important for a successful carpet installation. While you should consult with your Lockwood’s Carpets flooring specialist for full instructions, there are steps you can take to help the process go smoothly.

If you have old flooring that has to be removed, there may be some work involved in getting the exposed surface ready for the installation. If your old floor was glued down or held in place with tile adhesive, this will be especially time-consuming. We’ll handle all of this for you.

All of your furniture must be moved out of the room where your new carpet is to be installed. If you have heavy items or things that require special care, we may recommend hiring professional movers and storage experts. This can help cut down on the amount of time you have to live without your furniture to as little as a day before and after the carpet installation is done.

An adult member of your household (18 years of age or older) should be available to greet the installation crew and show them the work area. For everyone’s safety and to help the project go smoothly, keep children and pets away from the work area until the job is done. Feel free to ask your lead installer or any of our knowledgeable experts any questions you might have about the finished product.

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