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Hardwood Restoration

Restore the beauty of your hardwood! At Lockwood’s Carpets, we specialize in hardwood restoration and refinishing services. We offer complete hardwood restoration using a 100% dust-free hardwood refinishing system. We can match your existing colors & any preexisting trims & borders for a flawless finish. If you are looking for a simple routine maintenance coating, we can do that too.

Why choose 100% dust-free refinishing?

If you've ever sanded anything, you know that dust is always involved. For this reason, we’ve found that a lot of folks put off refinishing their floors, even if the wear and tear demands it. After all, it can be a pain to move furniture and belongings out of a room, and it's all the more daunting if you're dealing with a home office or library. But, thanks to advances in vacuum technology, we can offer you and your family 100% dust-free refinishing! No need to hang plastic or mask off any part of your home!

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